Why Hire a Party Rental Company?

Event Accessory Rentals

Trying to plan out events can be exhausting. The food, the invitations, the location and the drinks all have to be supplied by the host. There is just so much! But with a company that rents out all the supplies you would need for your party or event, it gets much easier.


Not many people have tents lying around just begging to be used. Tents are one of the best additions for an outdoor party. This allows you to have the event rain or shine, so you dona��t have to worry about the weather on the day of your event.


The same idea applies here. Not many people have the necessary amount of tables you would need in order to seat everyone invited to your party. This is another part of the job- they supply the necessary amount of seating for all your guests.

Table Settings

Are you planning a wedding or a formal event? Take advantage of the use of great looking table settings. You could try to supply your own, but at best, you would have a collection of mixed and matched looking plate ware and silverware. Table settings from these companies will look much more uniform and professional.


Choose from a selection of chairs that would best suit the need for your occasion. At a lot of events, especially outdoors, seating is typically a problem. Hiring a party rental company will help ensure that everyone has somewhere to sit.


Feel like dancing? Make sure to include a dance floor for your event. They are not just for weddings! Make a birthday party even more special by giving your guests the opportunity to show off their moves.

Food and Drink

While you may be supplying the food for your party, there may not be enough serving spoons, bowls, etc. Take full advantages of all the food and drink accessories that can be utilized for your special day.

As you can see, there are many different things that go into planning an event. To help ensure that everything you need is right at your fingertips, consider enlisting the help of Oregon Tent Rentals.

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5 thoughts on “Why Hire a Party Rental Company?

  1. Jay Jorgenson

    I remember that I had a party a couple of years ago and we ran out of space. I really like what was said about how you can rent chairs for parties because this would have been helpful. Also, table settings would be helpful as well!

    1. Mike Wright

      Hello Jay
      Yes Tent can Definitely help out in those type of situations. We have all The Equipment you would need Down to the Place settings Including china, Glassware, and silverware, Linens, Napkins etc
      Please call Me at 503-588-1356 for Pricing and availability
      Thank You

  2. Jenna Hunter

    I had no idea that that flooring was so important and wasn’t just for weddings! We will be celebrating the 25th year anniversary of our company and we wanted to know if we need flooring! I will be sure to contact an expert about the costs!

    1. Mike Wright

      Hello Jenna
      Flooring is Important. Depending on where and what type of surface you are having your event on We have different types of flooring That can be used. For Dirt or Grass I would suggest Plywood with Either Carpet or AstroTurf covering it. Not only dose it keep the Mud down but it levels off slightly Uneven spots If the Surface is vey Flat and Level tightly mowed grass or cement or asphalt I would suggest Event Deck its Nice and a little cheaper then the Plywood Carpet Option. For Unleveled areas we have Stage flooring with this we can level out an area Unlike Flooring that follows the Contour of the Ground we can actually change the Grade.
      If you would like more info and prices please give me a Call at 503-588-1356
      Thank You for your Comment

  3. Jenna Hunter

    It was eye opening to know that at a lot of events, especially outdoors, seating is typically a problem. We are planning my father’s 80th birthday and there should be about 200 people that are coming. As we go about planning we will be certain to take that into consideration to get all the seating we need!


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