Why Hire a Party Rental Company?

Event Accessory Rentals

Trying to plan out events can be exhausting. The food, the invitations, the location and the drinks all have to be supplied by the host. There is just so much! But with a company that rents out all the supplies you would need for your party or event, it gets much easier.


Not many people have tents lying around just begging to be used. Tents are one of the best additions for an outdoor party. This allows you to have the event rain or shine, so you dona��t have to worry about the weather on the day of your event.


The same idea applies here. Not many people have the necessary amount of tables you would need in order to seat everyone invited to your party. This is another part of the job- they supply the necessary amount of seating for all your guests.

Table Settings

Are you planning a wedding or a formal event? Take advantage of the use of great looking table settings. You could try to supply your own, but at best, you would have a collection of mixed and matched looking plate ware and silverware. Table settings from these companies will look much more uniform and professional.


Choose from a selection of chairs that would best suit the need for your occasion. At a lot of events, especially outdoors, seating is typically a problem. Hiring a party rental company will help ensure that everyone has somewhere to sit.


Feel like dancing? Make sure to include a dance floor for your event. They are not just for weddings! Make a birthday party even more special by giving your guests the opportunity to show off their moves.

Food and Drink

While you may be supplying the food for your party, there may not be enough serving spoons, bowls, etc. Take full advantages of all the food and drink accessories that can be utilized for your special day.

As you can see, there are many different things that go into planning an event. To help ensure that everything you need is right at your fingertips, consider enlisting the help of Oregon Tent Rentals.

Bringing people together!

Have fun!

Have fun!

Having a get together this weekend but don’t have a way to beat the weather? Call Oregon Tent Rentals! We’ll have your next BBQ or gathering fired up with our excellent tents and rental accessories.

Make some memories with your friends under one of our premium tents! We have excellent lighting and heat units as well to keep that good feeling going into the evening for your next get together. If your group happens to be larger, no worries! We can accommodate any size of tent rental and offer food and beverage service wares to keep worries minimal when it comes to satisfying larger groups.

We know clean at Oregon Tent Rentals and we show it with our bright white tents and rental garbage/ recycling receptacles. If safety and direction are concerned we also offer fire emergency gear as well as rope guides to help your group stay together and mark any areas that are strictly for viewing.

Make your party a blast and stand out as hero among party goers! Together we can make your next gathering something to remember and look forward to for the year to come!

Hawn Creek Gardens

Want to have a wedding in the Willamette Valley? Check out Hawn Creek Gardens! Their outdoor setting along the Hawn Creek Reservoir will be wonderful for your reception and guests, and for the greatest day in your life, the setting could not be overstated as a hidden gem in the valley.

ready for the big day!

Located in beautiful McMinville, OR, you and your guests can enjoy privacy and good times with plenty of opportunity for great pictures along the water’s edge. There is a luscious garden located in the immediate area to remind us that the seeds you sow today may grow into something wonderful later; a perfect metaphor for the newly married to tend to each other in order to be fruitful. How about a picturesque walk through the Filbert Orchard? In the Summer and Fall it does not get much better. There is plenty to enjoy where the scenery is excellent, the people are friendly, and you can celebrate your new marriage on the pacific countryside!


Give us a call! We will be happy to bring the big Tent and any banquet wares your group may need to make your wedding a success!

Company Parties

Company parties are always a fun time to relax with the people you see the most in day to day life.A� Why not take your next company party outside with a tent rental from Oregon Tent Rentals?A� Our tents provide your group with a nice place to catch a break from that summer heat and a common area for all guests to mingle in!A� Plus, our tents are lined with UV blocking material to protect you and your guests from over exposure to the sun.

Did you know that we also offer rental accessories for your company party?A� We have you covered when it comes to quality; tables, chairs, and numerous other party accessories are here for your choosing!

Planning a company party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!A� Our expericed team has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to guiding customers through the options that become available to you through Oregon Tent Rentals.A� Our prices are competitive, but our quality of services and materials is far above.A� Your office or team will be thrilled to get out for a day in the outdoors for your next company party.

Work is important to us all, however, when it comes to leisure and fun nothing beats a barbeque outdoors.A� Stronger ties at the office means a more honest and trustworthy team.A� How better to show appriciation than delicious grilled food and a nice place to cool off?A� Its times like these that people work hard for all year.A� Plan for classic field games like a sack races and horseshoes or try an ourdoor themed party to really get people out of their shell!

Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas, Tent Rentals, & More!

We all know that most parents try to outdo each other, especially when it comes to birthday parties. There’s no shame in that, everyone wants what is best for his or her kid. If your son or daughter had a lot of fun at their friend’s party last week, it’s sad to say- but you’ll want yours to be equally exciting.

Each time a parent steps out of the box, it sets the bar higher for future birthday parties; “pin -the-tail on the donkey” games won’t cut it anymore. This might have you stressing, but rest assure, it’s really not as bad as you might think. There is an insurmountable amount of options for themes and decor, and you can even find ideas online.

Luckily, you can use one simple solution to transform the party into your child’s dream venue. Rent a party tent!

The decor of the party, the entertainment, and the cleanup is a big drawback for many parents; some have no clue where to start. For example, some parents hire live entertainment or they may rent a venue, but that isn’t always what makes a party awesome. If your child is raving about something at another party that he or she thought was superiorly cool, don’t feel discouraged; you can use his or her favorite things to create something magical.

The best way to make a party awesome is to know your child; it has nothing to do with how much money you spend. Spend a few minutes making a list of all of the things your son or daughter loves. Pick a movie, a character, or a theme that best represents what excites your child, and start by creating the mood and theme of the party area.

Use the party tents to transform the party area into a popular building or venue that goes with your theme. View our bullet points below for a few ideas that may help you get started.

Using Party Tent Rentals & The Proper Party Lighting You Can Transform Your Party Area Into Anything!

  • A Superheroa��s hideout (Examples: Batmana��s Cave or Supermana��s Fortress)
  • A Sports Arena (Examples: Football Field & Baseball Diamond)
  • A Fairy Tale A�(Examples: A Princess Castle or an Underwater Utopia)
  • A Venue Fit For A Star (Examples: A Stage, A Movie Set, A Dressing Room)



Need some more ideas? Visit the links below!

Five Major Benefits of Outdoor Weddings & Wedding Tents

One of many decisions that couples struggle with is deciding on an indoor or outdoor wedding. While indoor weddings are traditional and free from the control of Mother Nature, outdoor weddings afford many benefits for a beautiful, unique, and cost effective wedding.

wedding tent rental in salem oregonEven during the best seasons, you have a chance of weather interfering, so why are outdoor weddings so popular? The reason is that outdoor weddings afford some serious benefits that most couples cana��t refuse.

Five Major Benefits of Outdoor Weddings:

1.)A�A�A� You can host your wedding in any location you see fit. Whether hosted at a local beach or private land, your wedding is what you make it.

2.)A�A�A� A�Since outdoor venues require less dA�cor and smaller investments, you can have a beautiful and classy wedding, without forking over the price of a glorious ballroom.

3.)A�A�A� Outdoor weddings with tent rentals help eliminate the weather factor. For shade or rain, if the elements try to join the party- the tent provides substantial shelter for guests to enjoy themselves.

4.)A�A�A� With natural picturesque backgrounds, adequate lighting, and minimal decor, wedding tents become as aesthetically pleasing as any indoor venue.

5.)A�A�A� Studies show that being outdoors improves the mood and romance of any occasion, making your wedding the perfect outdoor event.


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The Empress Estate A New Wedding Venue May be Just the Ticket

For anyone Looking to Tie the knot we were just made privy to a Fantastic New Wedding Venue in Vancouver Washington!A� Featured by Liz at Soleil Bliss Event Productions This Place is just plain Magnificent. Liz is a Premier Wedding Planner and would love to show you around! Give her a Call to set up a viewing at (503) 936-9277 or email contact@soleilbliss.com Close up of the Columns at Empress EstateDecorated table at Empress EstateInterior view at Empress Estateon the web at http://www.soleilbliss.com/ Empress Estate

Cannon Beach Hotel- Cannon Beach Oregon

Title: Cann Beach Hotel- Cannon Beach Oregon
Location: 148 Gower St W Cannon Beach Oregon
Description: Hi Tamsyn,
Your 30 x 40 tent Is Reserved we will see you in Cannon Beach on Friday the 26th and set up your 30 x 40 Frame Tent! See you Then! Please contact us if you have any Questions at all Thanks Mike
Start Date: 2013-07-26
Start Time: 08:00 am
End Date: 2013-07-27

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